All We Like Sheep

All We Like Sheep, Lessons from the Sheepfold





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Two sheep-herding women invite the reader to laugh, cry, and contemplate with them as they relate 45 stories of working with their flocks in Colorado. They share what these experiences have taught them about themselves, others, and Creator God. The two authors, Marilyn Bay Wentz and her mother, Mildred Nelson Bay, have a cumulative I-70_Scout[1]seven decades of sheep-raising experience. Their stories range from humorous to thought-provoking, but always inspiring.

Each of the short chapters includes a vignette from the sheepfold, stories that draw the SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAreader into a vicarious farm experience, and offer an entertaining way to learn about the animals that are mentioned more than 500 times in the Bible.

Each story closes with a brief, spiritual application followed by reflection/discussion questions, and a prayer designed to lead the reader into personal communication with the Good Shepherd. Photos are included. The book is designed for personal or group use.